Advanced Insurance Broking (930)

The objective of Advanced Insurance Broking (930) is to provide knowledge and understanding of the management and operation of insurance broking organisations.

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The overall aim of Advanced Insurance Broking (930) is to introduce the concepts and processes of broking management. The study text covers the examination syllabus which is designed to enable candidates to evaluate the following:

  • The competitive environment for insurance brokers.
  • The operational and management challenges faced by insurance brokers
  • The management, implementation and control of regulation, compliance and legal aspects.

The syllabus learning outcomes support the principle that understanding how and when to use knowledge is as important as the knowledge itself. This study material has been designed to support the achievement of these outcomes, but you should note that success in the 930 assessment will require you to undertake further reading and private research beyond this core text.

Building a successful career in insurance

Advanced Insurance Broking (930) is intended for those who are highly experienced in providing broking services and who are in, or aspire to, senior broking and management positions. You should already have a sound grounding in the general principles of insurance and aspects specific to broking as provided by Insurance, Legal and Regulatory (IF1), Insurance Law (M05) and Insurance Broking Practice (M81), or equivalent examinations.

Summary of learning outcomes

  1. Analyse the competitive environment for insurance brokers.
  2. Analyse the management, implementation and control of regulation, compliance and the law as they apply to insurance brokers.
  3. Analyse the operational and management challenges faced by insurance brokers.


  • 3 coursework assignments of up to 3,200 words
  • For purchases on, or after, the 21/03/2023, 12-month enrolment with assignments due at 3,6,9 months. This may be different to previous enrolments you have purchased for CII units.
  • 50% pass mark
  • The average pass rate for those completing Advanced Diploma in Insurance coursework units in full is currently 97.0%

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