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Award in Bancassurance (non-UK) (AWB)

The Award in Bancassurance (non-UK) provides a solid grounding in the relevant core financial, life assurance and insurance products, and offers guidance on what constitutes sound professional practice, thereby providing a framework for ethical behaviour.

The default Enrolment option for this unit includes:

  • Latest version of the core learning content, in digital format only.
  • Assessment entry.

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In this unit we cover the nature of the financial services industry (including the emergence of bancassurance); the main insurance, savings, investment and retirement products available; the financial planning process and ethical behaviour.

Bancassurance advisers (people working in banks advising clients on insurance products) must be in a position to consider the suitability of insurance products against the other financial services products available to meet customers’ financial planning needs. To do this, they must have strong product knowledge and an understanding of the needs that the products are designed to address. Importantly, they need to be able to identify and understand their clients’ needs in order that appropriate products can be recommended to meet those needs (and reviewed regularly in future for their ongoing suitability). The adviser’s relationship with their client should be underpinned by ethical conduct and professionalism throughout.

Building a successful career in personal finance

The Award in Bancassurance (non-UK) is suitable for anyone working outside the UK in the insurance and financial services sector, irrespective of educational background or experience. Particularly, Financial Advisers and Insurance Agents working in the Banking sector and operating in either a regulated or non-regulated environment. This unit can only be awarded to non-UK residents.

This single unit award may also count towards the Certificate in Insurance and Financial Services (non-UK).

Learning outcomes

At the end of this unit, candidates will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • the main elements of the financial services and insurance industry;
  • the main insurance products;
  • savings and investment products;
  • retirement planning products;
  • what constitutes good and ethical client practice.


  • 2 hour exam
  • 75 multiple choice questions
  • 70% nominal pass mark (the actual pass mark may vary from one session to another to ensure consistency in pass standards)

Study material - editions available

2022-23 edition (applicable to exams sat 01 May 2022 to 30 Apr 2023)