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Certificate in Insurance Market Specialisation

Similar in structure to the Certificate in London Market Insurance Specialisation, the Certificate in Insurance Market Specialisation is an advanced level qualification, developed for the broader insurance community. It is ideally suited for insurance market practitioners who wish to develop their research skills and apply them to a specific subject area.

Qualification details

The Certificate in Insurance Market Specialisation will allow you to:

  • Create learning matched precisely to your job role, responsibilities and aspirations
  • Develop your knowledge of issues particularly relevant to insurance practitioners
  • Gain real understanding of a key chosen topic through in-depth research and analysis, with potential to add business benefits for your employer
  • Indicate to your employer, clients and peer group your commitment to professional development, helping you achieve your career ambitions

The unit requires study at a level equivalent to Master’s degree learning, reflected by the award of 50 credits on completion, and as such we would advise entrants not to underestimate the demands associated with its completion and to fully familiarise themselves with the available dissertation guidelines and instructions in advance of entry.

Before purchasing this product please ensure that you have conducted sufficient research and have a clear idea regarding the scope of your research proposal and the research resources available. Ideally the subject matter chosen should be capable of being researched through relevant interviews and be supported by a wide range of quality sources.

The Certificate comprises one core unit, Insurance Market Specialisation (994), assessed by dissertation on an agreed topic, and provides a total of 50 CII credits at Advanced Diploma level on successful completion.

For units in this qualification, students typically have access to the following materials as part of their enrolment

  • Exemplar research proposal and dissertation
  • Support from a dissertation guide (an expert practitioner)
  • RevisionMate online learning materials covering key guidance on research and dissertation writing

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