Consumer Duty Practice Diagnostic Tool

On 31 July 2023, new rules came into force for financial services firms. The new rules, known as the Consumer Duty, set a higher standard of consumer protection in financial services. All financial services firms are now required to review and update their products and services to ensure they are putting consumers at the heart of their business. The Consumer Duty Practice Diagnostic Tool* has been designed to enable Personal Finance practitioners to assess how effectively they and their teams have implemented the new Consumer Duty rules.

This tool will help you identify those areas of weakness in your or your team’s implementation of Consumer Duty. To gain further support on understanding the fundamentals of the Consumer Duty, consider purchasing the Overview of Consumer Duty Regulations. To see real-life examples and case studies of how other firms have handled these changes, consider purchasing the Spotlight: Consumer Duty Good Practice Examples module. For further support on planning how to mitigate areas of weakness, consider purchasing the Spotlight: Consumer Duty Action Planning Process module or the Consumer Duty - Action Planning Workshop.

You can also purchase all four of the digital learning products together as the Consumer Duty Digital Learning Suite, representing a cost saving of 20%. Please visit the CII Shop for further details.

To help you understand what products to purchase for your team, take a look at the Consumer Duty purchasing scenario under 'Useful links & downloads'.

Who is the Consumer Duty Practice Diagnostic tool for?

This tool is ideal for practitioners looking to identify those areas of weakness in their own or their team’s implementation of the Consumer Duty. This might be practitioners working in small firms or those who are team or department leaders in medium-sized firms.

What will the tool help me to do?

By using the self-assessment diagnostic tool, you will be able to:

  • identify areas of potential weakness in your or your teams’ implementation of the Consumer Duty; and
  • prioritise those areas of potential weakness in your or your teams’ implementation of the Consumer Duty.

How does the tool work?

Delivered on RevisionMate, the tool uses quizzes that allow you to assess your readiness against a set of expert-recommended actions.

How long will I have access to my course materials?

You will have 12 months to use the tool as many times as you wish.

How will I access the tool?

You will receive an email with details of how to access the tool within RevisionMate following purchase. This is typically within two working days of your order being placed, but may be longer, particularly if payment is not made by credit/debit card.

Is there an assessment, certificate of completion or CPD for using the tool?

As this a tool used for guidance, and therefore cannot be ‘completed’, there is no assessment, certificate of completion or CPD.

* This tool is intended to enable small firms and teams within larger firms to consider how well they have met the new Consumer Duty requirements. If they determine actions are required, there are other products to support them in developing suitable action plans. These products are not designed to provide learners with definitive actions they must take as each firm and its consumers, products and services are unique.