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Insurance Claims Handling (non-UK) (WCE)

Insurance Claims Handling (non-UK) (WCE) provides you with knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of the claims handling process which can be applied in your region.

The default Enrolment option for this unit includes:

  • Latest version of the core learning content, in digital format only.
  • Assessment entry.

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Insurance is an international profession, with thriving and innovative markets across the globe. Some markets are well-established, and others are just emerging. All have their own ways of working that reflect the characteristics and cultures of the region. Claims handling is common to all markets and fundamental to the business of insurance, no matter where in the world it takes place.

Designed for insurance practitioners working outside the UK, this unit covers the claims handling process including notification, assessment, settlement and associated financial factors. It looks at the knowledge and skills you will need to handle claims in a professional, consistent and accurate manner. Claims handling is of such importance, it also considers claims handling within the wider context of the systems, process and functions that surround it.

Building a successful career in insurance

This course is relevant for anyone seeking to develop their knowledge and skills for a rewarding career in the insurance profession outside the UK or in a support role. Insurance Claims Handling (non-UK) (WCE) counts towards achieving the Certificate in Insurance.

Please note this unit can only be awarded to non-UK residents.

Summary of learning outcomes

  1. Understand the general principles in the claims handling process.
  2. Understand insurance products and associated services.
  3. Understand claims considerations and administration.
  4. Understand claims handling procedures and related claims services.
  5. Understand the claims function and how it may be structured.
  6. Understand claims settlement.
  7. Understand how expenses are managed.


  • 2-hour exam
  • 75 multiple choice questions
  • 70% nominal pass mark

Study material - editions available

2021-22 edition (applicable to exams sat 01 May 2021 to 30 Apr 2022).