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Insurance Underwriting Process (IF3) - E-learn

Delivered via RevisionMate, this online tutorial provides interactive study, backed by an assessment tool to check understanding as you progress with your studies.

This is designed to complement, not replace, the primary study text. It provides visually engaging content and therefore memorable learning. It covers key and complex topics and not the entire syllabus.

Access to the default option IF3 E-learn (2024 edition) on RevisionMate is only available during the 2024 syllabus period, which will end on 31 December 2024.

(Note: Alternatively, this product is included as part of the ‘IF3 Enrolment Plus’ package.)

What is Enrolment Plus?
This IF3 E-learn revision product is included as part of the Enrolment Plus package, which includes the unit study text, examination voucher, Key facts booklet and Knowledge Checker. Enrolment Plus builds on standard Enrolment with the additional study aids available for this unit, giving you access to a range of study support to help you pass your exam. It also provides a significant cost saving over buying the products separately. Please see the IF3 unit page for information and purchase options.

How will I access my course?
Instructions on accessing your course on RevisionMate will be sent to your registered email address. This is typically within two working days of your order being placed, but may be longer, particularly if payment is made by bank transfer or the unit is available as a pre-order.

Are there any technical requirements for the E-learn revision product?
Due to content formatting, the tutorial is best viewed on a tablet or larger screen size. The learning is accessed via a browser. It can be also downloaded for offline use on a computer or laptop (Microsoft Windows and Mac OS compatible).

Minimum systems requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows/MacOS/Android/iOS devices.
  • Web browser: Latest versions of IE/Safari/Firefox/Chrome.

Try a course demo, which is based on IF2 - Module 1.

Will I lose my downloaded learning at the end of my enrolment?
If you want to continue to access this material after your enrolment expires, you will need to ensure you download the offline course before the expiry date. If you have downloaded the offline course to your personal computer/laptop it will still be accessible, although it will not be updated and won’t be valid for future syllabuses.

Which edition should I purchase?
You should ensure that you purchase the edition of the study materials that correspond to when you’re planning to sit your exam:

  • If you intend to sit your exam between 1 January 2023 and 31 December 2023, then you should purchase the 2023 edition materials. Access to these materials on RevisionMate will end on 31 December 2023.
  • If you intend to sit your exam on or after 1 January 2024, then you should purchase the 2024 edition materials. The course will be available on RevisionMate by 31 January 2024. Access to these materials on RevisionMate will end on 31 December 2024.