Introduction to Travel Insurance (PL2)

Introduction to Travel Insurance (PL2) provides you with a broad knowledge and understanding of travel insurance, including the need for cover and its benefits; insurance legal principles and duties; product features; how cover is arranged and provided, and the principles of delivering good customer service.

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Welcome to the world of travel insurance – you’ve chosen to work in a great area of insurance where you’ll be helping people just like yourself to buy the right insurance for their individual needs, which – as you’ll find out – really does make a difference to people’s lives.

Introduction to Travel Insurance (PL2) is designed to develop your knowledge of all the key aspects of travel insurance so you can be confident you’ve achieved a level of knowledge and understanding to provide a professional service to customers, whether that’s explaining:

  • what’s covered by their policy;
  • the information they need to provide before they can take out insurance; or
  • how they make a claim.

Technical terms are broken down and your understanding of these will build as you progress with this unit. These terms form the basis of how travel insurance works and understanding these is key to being able to deliver positive customer outcomes – an aim everyone working in insurance aspires to.

Doing your best to understand a customer’s specific needs is particularly important for you working in personal lines insurance as you are likely to be dealing with customers who have different levels of understanding of travel insurance, and confidence in dealing with financial matters.

This unit will equip you with knowledge of travel insurance that is up to date and relevant for your work, including how to ensure you provide a fair and equal service for all customers. This includes understanding key legal principles or rules for travel insurance. You’ll also learn about the different types of travel insurance products and some of the ways that insurance can be arranged.

Learning content is delivered through an engaging and interactive digital course. Key concepts of travel insurance are explained using graphics, illustrations and videos, all designed to bring the content to life.

A digital study text is included as part of enrolment, in the form of an ebook and printable PDF. You can also select the addition of a printed study text.

Summary of learning outcomes  

  1. Understand the need and benefit of travel insurance.
  2. Understand the insurance legal principles and duties relating to travel insurance.
  3. Understand the main features of travel insurance products and the market.
  4. Understand how travel insurance is arranged and provided.
  5. Understand the key principles of delivering good customer service.


  • 1-hour exam
  • 50 multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • 70% nominal pass mark
  • The 2022 pass rate for this unit was 93%

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