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Life, critical illness and disability underwriting (P61)

This unit has now been withdrawn

Life, Critical Illness and Disability Underwriting (P61) develops underwriting skills in life, disability and critical illness insurances based upon an understanding of the major systems of the body and its diseases and of non-medical risks.

Underwriting life, critical illness and disability insurance products requires a knowledge of essential medical and non-medical risk factors. This unit provides a basic information on the diseases commonly encountered in underwriting practice. The normal anatomy and functions of the part of the body in question is described, as well as the tests and investigations which underwriters will find reported in case notes, or perhaps request themselves.

For each disorder, notes are provided on clinical characteristics, how the disease may influence the person’s life and activities and, of course, whether it may shorten their life, along with notes on their treatment, especially where it involves the use of powerful drugs, which may create their own problems.

Before we look at diseases, we start by looking at the key concepts and practices of life, critical illness and disability underwriting including the approach to financial, occupation, recreation and travel risks.


This unit has now been withdrawn

Please note that unit P61 has now been withdrawn. Qualifications and credits achieved via P61 will be valid post unit withdrawal.